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Nurgle Daemon Prince

I built and painted this for a friend. The creature’s left arm is a tentacle with a core of hard wire, and hot glue over it.

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Chaos Spawn

This is the beast I painted for my Necromunda Chaos Cult. I used wet-blending so that his colours change over his foul form. The metal spikes that protrude from him always corrode, no matter what the gang does to try to sharpen them. So his name is Rusty.

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Imperial Fist Banners (hand-painted)

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Wolf Brothers or Red Corsairs? (40k)

I wanted a 40k army that could be loyalists or traitors. The Second Founding of the Space Wolves produced the Wolf Brothers. Initially loyal but eventually disbanded, the remnants joined the Red Corsairs. Unfortunately I rarely play 40k so I sold these in 2019.

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