Hi hobbyists, welcome to Terrainosaur.

When I set up Terrainosaur in 1999, it was rudimentary HTML. Around 2007 I switched it to a PHPBB with myself as the only user. That was easy for me to post in, easy to organize, and easy to browse, but it had no thumbnails. In 2020 I updated it to a WordPress blog.

I didn’t port all the text over. It was 121k words – longer than many books. The old gallery still exists, if you want to see that. New posts here will have text.

Also, I’m only presenting projects I built and painted. The pics of my friends’ projects were removed.

You don’t have to view the posts a few at a time. There are over 400 posts and 2,000 images. Try the menu above to navigate.
  • Thumbnails: Small images of entries by category.
  • Lists: Titles of entries by category.
  • Categories: All posts within a category, five at a time.
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