Fantasy Scenery Terrain

Games Workshop Mighty Empires Map

Games Workshop sold a boxed set called Mighty Empires. It was 48 plastic interlocking tiles that could be painted and assembled into a game map. They created it for Warhammer Fantasy Battles campaigns. I’ll use it for that one day but for now I bought two of these sets plus a set of Planetary Empires and built my own map for D&D. And I bought some special river tiles from GW’s website. That’s 148 tiles. It’s 27″ wide by 36″ tall.

It took me weeks to paint these. There’s a snow-capped mountain range to the right, a marsh to the left, a lot of forest in the upper half, and a desert at the bottom. A blue river runs from the mountains.

The river runs from the mountains and forks. I sculpted a few tiles. There are three big mountain ranges here. Two forest tiles are taller than the rest. I tried to build a wall and it looks ok.

These tiles can be disassembled and put together into new maps. They’re double-sided so there’s an infinite number of options. The edges of the tiles take damage when assembling/disassembling them.

You have to decide what color to paint the hex edges. You could paint them the same color as the terrain, but I chose to paint them a neutral color. It’s a pale gray-green called Rotting Flesh.

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