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Chaotic Evil Dire Gazebo of Doom

The first Knights of the Dinner Table comic was about the players encountering a gazebo. To summarize, they didn’t know what a gazebo is, so they attacked and destroyed it. We all know roleplayers like that. I theorized that maybe there really are dangerous garden structures in a fantasy world. Maybe there’s an evil wizard with a hobby. Perhaps he just needs to get away from plotting the destruction of the kingdom and plant a garden. So I designed a Chaotic Evil Dire Gazebo of Death. It’s part trap, part monster.

The base is four, concentric, fieldstone rings from the Fieldstone Castlemolds. They range from 7″ on the outside to 4″ on the inside. This was a bit of a casting nightmare. To get enough pieces I had to cast the molds 24 times, which took about two days of solid casting. The central hole of the gazebo is ringed with ‘teeth’ from another Castlemold. The premise is that this is a sacrificial altar. The evil wizard can bring his victims here and feed them to the gazebo. If I wanted to place the gazebo in an unoccupied area, perhaps it would have tentacles up inside the roof to grab curious adventurers and drop them into the gaping maw below.

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