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Ooze Plant part 1

Long ago a terrain maker named Sean White, aka Armorbimbo, made some pretty cool stuff, including floating terrain. He also made something I thought was unique, a sort of stalagmite. Sean was casting Castlemolds with gray plaster and needed something to do with the excess. He poured it onto these columns, and that’s why it looks so drippy. (See his pic at the bottom.)

When I saw it I thought it was great but needed to be bigger and slimy. Here’s my tribute to Armborbimbo’s stalagmite. There are drow D&D Miniatures for scale. I did basically the same thing, I poured plaster over and over again to make this taller. I created multiple ‘stalks’ to make it look more disgusting, painted it gray, then painted it with gloss to make it slimy.

This thing is solid as a rock of course. It doesn’t chip easily, and it stores pretty well. If it gets dusty and loses a little shine, a quick coat of gloss fixes it.

The drips aren’t water, they’re Realistic Water from Woodland Scenics. With pouring so many layers of plaster onto this thing, the base spread out, so I cut it back. That’s why it stops kind of suddenly.

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