Terrainosaur.com is a gallery of scenery, 3D objects and terrain for roleplaying games and tabletop wargames. The site has existed since 1999. The gallery is a forum to make it easier to update projects.

My site has over 200 projects on it. (With over 2,000 photos of those projects.) Most are individual pieces of terrain that you could build.
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(Legal disclaimer: Naturally no challenge to anyone's copyrights, trademarks or intellectual property is intended. This is a hobby site and no matter how slick it may look, don't mistake this for a business. All of the models on this site, whether miniatures or terrain, are originals not copies, except of course where I have express consent. The items shown are original pieces and are not mass-produced. Terrainosaur is not affiliated with or endorsed by any game company. Terrain models on this site can be used with any 5mm-30mm science fiction or fantasy game like Warmachine, Hordes, Confrontation, Void, Warhammer 40k, Epic Armageddon, Warhammer Fantasy Battles, Warmaster, Necromunda, AT-43, Dungeons & Dragons, Chainmail, Celtos, Chronopia and others. This site is copyright Mitch Michaelson.)